Almost Summer

Well it’s nine days until the summer solstice so I thought I’d take a look around the garden and see what’s flourishing in this relatively cool and wet spring we’ve had.

First off the grand fir, which is the happiest I’ve seen it in years. So much fresh growth! And into June, too. Usually it only gets a bit of growth and then crisps up for the rest of the year. We haven’t planted it in its ideal location under the forest canopy.

We always have fuchsia hanging baskets on our front porch. The hummingbirds like them and so do we. This year is was cheaper to buy the baskets pre-made rather than make our own, and they are so much more lush than the ones we make. Nice to enjoy them in May already.

Last year I scattered some California poppy seeds on the bedrock hill in our front yard. A few of them took – well, four of them took. It’s a nice cheery hint of orange on the grassy rock. This year we’ll scatter a few more seeds and hope we get more poppies.

We also have Oriental poppies, which grow from a plant rather than a seed. They have been prolific this year, their bright red hues are a perfect counterpoint to the faded cedar of the garden shed they’re planted next to.

The lavender is also doing well this year, despite the fact that we’re not sure if we should trim it back in spring or in fall, to stop it from getting too woody. Any gardening tips welcome!

This is one of my favourite rhododendrons because it has that beautiful stippling inside the bloom. It adds variety to what would otherwise be a plain mauve bloom.

This is another of our front yard rhododendrons which has a bit of stippling but is mostly purple. They’ve been lovely bloomers this year.

And finally, to celebrate the long evenings, here’s a shot of the bedrock hill in our front yard, covered with long grasses glinting in the light.

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