About me

I’ve been a freelance writer for the past two decades, and an editor for the last decade. I have published essays, book reviews, author interviews, and articles in a range of magazines and journals, including Science, Nature, Longreads, Flyway Journal, Electric Literature, and others. You can see my work here.


I am trained as a scientist and held a tenured position in physical geography before leaving academia. My scientific background informs a lot of my writing, especially women in science, water and drought, and Arctic and mountain regions. See my Google Scholar profile.

I’m a member of the Creative Nonfiction Collective Society and the Federation of BC Writers, and am a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. I was a co-founder of the Canadian science blogging network Science Borealis, and served on the Board of Directors for a few years.


“Write every day. Don’t ever stop. If you are unpublished, enjoy the act of writing—and if you are published, keep enjoying the act of writing. Don’t become self-satisfied, don’t stop moving ahead, growing, making it new. The stakes are high. Why else would we write?”
― Rick Bass

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  1. Hi, I read your article about Caroline Fox – it’s so fantastic! How do I email you, and is that okay?

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