Saturday Shot: Nov 24

Frost at the Cowichan Estuary.

I completely forgot about today’s post! Not surprising given how I’ve been feeling lately.

One good thing is that we’ve been walking more lately. I kind of got out of the habit when I injured my knee, and my husband has had back problems which have made walking painful. But we got out to the Cowichan Estuary the other morning and were able to capture some great shots of frost on different plants, and dead seed heads shifting in the breeze.

Walks are always a good thing when you’re not feeling well. It can be hard to overcome inertia and put your shoes on and step outside the door, but once you’re on your way it’s worth it. Add photography into the mix, and you have the perfect recipe for calming the mind and forgetting about how terrible you feel.

This morning we went for another impromptu walk at the estuary. I’d just gotten up and my husband suggested we go, so I quickly packed up my camera and we were on our way.

No frost this morning, but nice light on the exposed branches of rose bushes, blackberry, holly, alder, and more. Maybe I’ll share some of those next week.

Happy weekend everyone.

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