Saturday Shot: 3 Nov

chrysanthemumWe had such a great fall this year – a long few weeks of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-teens. The fall colours haven’t been this beautiful since we moved here!
But some of the plants in our perennial garden were still struggling from the dry summer.
We water our gardens through a network of soaker hoses covered in mulch. Each set of two hoses is on a different watering line. This year we decided to add more plants to our woodland garden, and to move /add plants in our large perennial garden. The first step was to pull up all the hoses.
While pulling up hoses, I realized that there was one section of plants in the perennial garden that wasn’t getting enough water. All of the other plants had a soaker hose on each side. These plants only had a soaker on one side.
So this is a picture of a fall chrysanthemum, which was one of the plants starved of water over the summer. It took forever to bloom, and the foliage was already going red by the time this beauty arrived.
I’ll definitely make sure that, when we re-install the soaker hoses, each plant will get enough water!

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  1. After having bloomed indoors, I put 2 chrysanthemums ( 1 yellow, 1 white) outside where they remained all summer long. We brought them indoors by the end of September and now they are both flowering again!


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