Home for a Rest

Isn’t that a Spirit of the West song? Ha, I think I’m dating myself.

Anyway – I’ve been struggling with mental health issues and medications since January and am now on a high dose of two drugs that are supposed to knock me out but aren’t quite doing the job. I walk around in a half-fog, trying to remember what it was that I was going to do and wondering if I’ve done what I had meant to do.

So today’s blog is brief because I need to give my brain a rest.

As least I’ve been able to get out in the garden and deadhead the strawberries, top up the beds with fresh soil, plant potatoes, garlic, and peas. In the next week or so I’ll plant carrots, parsnips, beets, and more. I’m a bit behind this year because of the cold spring. But things should grow well this year since we grew a cover crop which fixes nitrogen in the soil. I also put some sea soil (very rich soil) around the rhubarbs as they’re heavy feeders. They seemed to like it – they really perked up.

Happy spring!

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2 thoughts on “Home for a Rest”

  1. Gardening sounds like a great way to handle everything. Good job! It’s almost time to work on my garden; I’m waiting for the snow to be gone for certain.


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