Sunday Shot: 1 Dec

Geese at the estuary.

Wow, welcome to December! The first day of the advent calendar, and only 21 days to the shortest day of the year.

You’ll notice that I used today’s photo as the header image for my last blog post. We were at the Cowichan estuary and I had been taking photos with my macro lens when I suddenly saw the geese overhead. There was something about their formation their shape against the grey sky, that made me madly swing my camera up to try and capture an image.

I didn’t have the right lens, I didn’t have a chance to set my exposure, and the f-stop was really too low for this kind of picture. But somehow it worked out. Mostly because my photography isn’t always about concrete things, but the forms, spaces, and patterns we can see in the world around us.

I like how the gees are flying into the corner of the picture, I like the white space around the rest of the photo. And I like that I can almost – but not quite – make out the markings on the geese themselves.

The photo conveys the feeling of fall: the geese flying west, the grey sky, the distance between us on the ground and the up in the sky. Of course here on the Coast that’s a bit misleading, as the geese generally tend to stay around over winter and infest lake- and ocean side beaches with goose poop.

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  1. Curiously, when I looked at the picture I immediately saw that the geese were on their way to the bottom left corner, moving exactly along the diagonal and leaving an open field from where they came. When I read on I saw you make exactly the same observation


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