#EarthScienceWeek: Top 10 stories from the past year

Last week was #EarthScienceWeek, and to celebrate my co-editor and I over at Science Borealis picked our top 10 earth & environmental science stories from the past year. Our list included:

  1. Rosetta Philae lander
  2. California drought
  3. NASA’s New Horizons Pluto flyby
  4. algal blooms in the Great Lakes
  5. discovery of water on Mars
  6. Siberian methane craters
  7. discovery of a new dinosaur: Wendiceratops
  8. Nepal earthquake
  9. Supermoon lunar eclipse
  10. ocean conditions that led to the Pacific ‘blob’ and the Atlantic ‘cold spot’

See our full post here – and add any stories you think we forgot in the comments!

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