Science policy advocate interview

John Dupuis, over at Confessions of a Science Librarian, has been running email interviews with our iPolitics science policy series group.
The most interesting questions, for me, was “…how [did you end] up involved in science advocacy? How do you define advocacy and what’s been the focus of your advocacy activities?” This was difficult to answer, largely because I hadn’t thought of myself as a ‘science advocate’. I confess, I put off responding for a couple of months so I could pull my thoughts together – and to let my colleagues (Jon Turner, Dak de Kerckhove and Paul Dufour) go first. Reading their thoughts helped me solidify some of my own.
You can read the whole interview here. Thanks John for putting together this initiative. If you have ideas of other people John should interview, send him an email (jdupuis at yorku dot ca)!

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