Did You Miss Me?

Yellow leaf in August green grass (photo: S Boon)

I’ve been away from blogging lately – so many ideas but far too dense of a brain fog to try and explain any of them.
The good news is that I’ve been feeling a bit better in the last week – maybe it’s the feeling of fall creeping up on us? I’ve (finally) been able to complete some invited work that I’ve been trying to put together for months now.
The first is an op-ed on wildfire and water in the American West, which will be coming out on Al Jazeera English shortly. The second is a post over at Medium, where I was invited by Jessica Collier to contribute a science perspective to the Alt-Ac conversation.
I’ll share the Al Jazeera link when it’s up, but for now here’s the link to my Medium post: Academic Science – Feeling Boxed In?

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