Watershed Notes

Writings on the Environment


Much of my writing centres on the environment, given my environmental science/physical geography background. I am particularly interested in watershed processes like drought/floods and wildfire, and also forest management and water supplies from mountainous regions. I have written both magazine articles and edited white papers about environmental issues.



  • Small Gestures. City Creatures Blog of the Center for Humans & Nature. 5 Feb 2019.







2012 and earlier

  • Under the Crowsnest Canopy. Outpost Magazine. May/Jun 2012.
  • Show and Tell With Sea Ice. CH2MHill Field Notes newsletter, Jul 2007.
  • On the Cutting Edge at Summit Station. CH2MHill Field Notes newsletter, Jun 2007.
  • Faces of IPY: The Celebrity Glaciologist. CH2MHill Field Notes newsletter, May 2007.
  • Studying Sea Ice with the Sea Goddess. CH2MHill Field Notes newsletter, Apr 2007.
  • Studying Glaciers: An Initiation to the North. Above & Beyond Magazine, Jul/Aug 2004.
  • The altered state of field research: Summer researchers dodge bears, side-step crevasses, long for indoor plumbing. UAlberta Folio, 17 Apr 2003.
  • Study tracks collective effects of industry: First-of-its-kind research predicts enormous changes. UAlberta Folio, 17 Apr 2003.
Old Man River, Southern Alberta