A Walk in the Woods

For the last two months I’ve been hiking at Cobble Hill Mountain, a recreational area just five minutes from my house. I started with short 3 km loops, moved up to 4 and 5 km, and just started 7 km on the weekend. Sunday marked the first time I made it to the summit, which was exciting even if it’s not much of a ‘real’ mountain.

I’ve been taking cell phone photos as I hike, but I’m not that good with it – I find my DSLR is a much better tool for me. I may still take that out with me on future hikes, but for now I’ll share my phone pics of the things I see on my hikes.

Fungus growing out of the end of a log – looks like the tails of grouse or quail.

Remains of cable from logging operations, being colonized by moss.

The trail levels out through an arbutus (madrone) forest.

Nasty looking mushrooms emerging from the forest floor.

Lilies blooming along the upper elevations of the trail. Not sure what kind they are, but they’re beautiful.

A field of lilies.

Always helpful reminder of where you are – and where you’ve been.

The trail behind me, winding through the temperate rainforest.

Not sure what plant this is but it creates a fresh green carpet on the forest floor.

View from the back side of the mountain.

View from the front side of the mountain, with the ocean in the (far) distance.

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2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods”

  1. Wat goed Saartje en wat fijn dat je zoveel buiten bent. Lukt het om elke dag naar buiten te gaan of niet?
    With much love from tante Liska


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