Spring has Sprung

This week I’m sharing some photos from my garden and Butchart’s Gardens as spring starts to emerge. The cherry blossoms are ubiquitous at this time of year, and the spring sunlight is still a bit watery and doesn’t quite overcome the slight chill on the breeze. But the flowers are beautiful and a welcome sight after the brown of winter.

A closeup of one of the clusters of cherry blossoms on our tree.

A riot of flowers covers the tree, and it buzzes with hundreds of bees as they welcome the spring.

A cluster of purple flowers cascades down our rock wall. Some of the few that have survived the drought and heat waves of the last two summers.

Spring sunlight in the Japanese garden at Butchart’s Gardens.

Birch bark peeling off a tree in the Japanese garden. It looks like a code, dashes on the trunk mirrored in the peeling bark.

This is a cheater picture, as there are no outdoor orchids in our climate zone. This is from the Spring Prelude at Butchart’s Gardens, for which they create an indoor garden complete with orchids and other warm- and humid-loving plants.

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