Autumn is Mushroom Season!

Mushroom season arrives in the Pacific Northwest when the first rains fall and the dormant spores come to life around our acreage. I didn’t see any red mushrooms with white dots this year, which is too bad as they make for great pictures.

I’ve read that squirrels like to pick mushrooms and hang them in trees to dry – we have a squirrel who just arrived this summer but I haven’t seen any mushrooms in trees yet. I think they far preferred our walnut harvest.

I love taking pictures of mushrooms because it allows me to use my macro lens, which I also used to shoot mosses and lichens last month. Macro photography shows the details of each mushroom so nicely, you could almost touch them.

I haven’t identified the mushrooms here but would appreciate some help in the comments so we can all know what kind of mushrooms are flourishing in my yard! I’m assuming none of them are edible, though I’m not about to try them. I’m happy to just photograph them.

This mushroom starts as a white cylinder, then degrades into the sloppy black mess below. It’s called a shaggy mane, or Coprinus comatus.

This one and the previous one are probably Mycenas.

Edited post Nov 8 to add some mushroom names as provided by Drew in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Autumn is Mushroom Season!”

  1. The cylinder that turns to ink (2nd and 3rd pics) is a shaggy mane, Coprinus comatus.
    The fourth and fifth are probably both mycenas
    Sixth is likely an Agaricus species, also possibly the first pic, but need to see pics of the gills to confirm. Also check if they stains yellow when cut or bruised, or not.
    Seventh possibly a Clitocybe species

    • Thanks for your help, Drew. Unfortunately most have died out so I can’t check if stain when cut or bruised, or look closely at the gills. Regardless, this is helpful info!


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