Welcome Back

Two years ago to the day, I put my blog on hiatus as I focused on other things. A lot has happened in those two years: I walked another half marathon, lost a dog, and finished writing my first book.

Having spent so much time in the education system, I feel like September 1st is my New Year, when everything is fresh and new and exciting, and I have lots of plans for the future.

My plan this year is to revive my blog. I’ll post four times a month, every Wednesday: two short essays, a photo essay, and a book review. I’ll cover nature and home, and whatever books I’m reading that I think are worth sharing.

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In the meantime, a few recent pieces I’ve published:

Fire Weather: The Making of a Beast

A review of John Vaillants FIRE WEATHER, about the Fort McMurray wildfires and how the oil and gas industry is complicit in the disaster. Relevant reading given the apocalyptic wildfire season we’re having this year in Canada.

A review of Ben Goldfarb’s CROSSINGS, about road ecology and the people working to make roads safer for mammals, fish, insects, and people. Also relevant reading because while the climate crisis is a wicked problem, we can’t forget about biodiversity and species loss – especially to roads.

You’ll also notice a few changes to my website over the next few weeks. It’s time to give it a new look, to mix things up a bit. Would be happy to hear your feedback.

Now on to writing next week’s first post.

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