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This past week has been a busy time in the garden, as we worked on getting the veggie garden beds ready for planting. Last week I wrote about turning over the cover crop, which we continued to do this week. However, we also discovered that several of the raised beds need to be fixed because they are bursting at the seams and the wood is rotting, so there is extra work to be done before everything is ready for planting. Bed repair is today’s job.

It was also a big week for garden firsts:

  1. First garter snake of the year—a nice long, fat black one with yellow stripes.
Photo from

2. First Cooper’s hawk sighting—ever! Sure made the songbirds fly for cover.

Cooper’s hawk in the backyard.

3. First anemone flowers peeking out—red and blue and tiny.

Blue anemone.

4. First grape hyacinths—flourishing despite having their greenery nibbled off by rabbits.

Grape hyacinths with bunny nibbles.

5. First leaves on the blueberries and raspberries.

Blueberry leaves

6. Unexpected roots—lots of them, some thicker than a pencil—coming up in the bottom of our raised beds. Seems they belong to the neighbour’s maple tree that’s growing on the other side of the fence from our veggie garden.

7. First blooms on the peach tree—it grows up against the side of the house and almost always gets peach leaf curl later in spring that has to be pruned off.

Peach blossoms.

I wonder what we’ll see this week!

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