Spring 2021

Daylight savings time has come and gone, and this weekend is the Spring Equinox (Saturday March 20th).

I’ve been tidying up the garden and all sorts of things are sprouting: pulsatilla, irises, crocosmia, monarda, and daffodils. The garlic I planted last fall has all sprouted, and the cover crop in the raised vegetable garden beds is ready to be turned over.

I’ve seen the first hummingbirds of spring, while the frogs in the marsh shout their deafening ribbets every night. The spiders are scrambling around in the leaf litter I left under the Japanese maple trees, and the flies are hanging out in the sun, warming their tiny bodies.

The trees are all budding, particularly the magnolia tree with its soft fuzzy buds. The grass is growing and the days are getting longer.

It’s about time for spring to arrive – seems like it’s been a long winter with the pandemic and all that entails. Spring brings the promise of COVID vaccinations and a return to a somewhat more normal way of life.

I hope you’re all enjoying the longer days and have something special planned for the equinox – I think we’ll raise a glass of some homemade apple cider and make something tasty for dinner.

Happy Spring!

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