Things That Matter

I had a blog post written and ready to post for today, but in light of the protests about George Floyd and systemic police racism south of the border, with similar protests here in Canada, my post seemed trite and trivial.

This is the time to think hard about structural racism in our society, and to figure out what we want our society to be and how we can get there. Without tear gas, rubber bullets, and looting (by a violent minority). To stand up and listen to those people who are telling us what life is like as a person of colour in the US – and in Canada. To ask – what can I do? How can I help? What do you need from me?

There is no easy way forward. But there must be some restitution and a commitment to change.

EDITED TO ADD: Resources for how you can help

  1. 7 simple ways white queer people can be allies to Black people in the fight against racism and police brutality
  2. What Black Americans Want Their White Friends To Know Right Now

And many more online (thanks Kim Dohms).

Note: Today’s featured image is free for reuse from Wikimedia Commons, and was taken by Fibonacci Blue in Minneapolis on May 26th.

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2 thoughts on “Things That Matter”

  1. As a ‘person of colour’ I’m the one who is always ‘randomly selected’ for extra scanning at airports here in Canada. Flying to Montréal from Ottawa with my white
    skinned husband, I was the chosen one again, being the only black person among the 26 passengers boarding.


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