Writing Shed Update

A month or so ago I posted about my new writing shed. Well, plans have changed a little bit.

Garden shed from the front (photo by me).

Back in March I wrote a post about building a writing shed. I had picked out the location and was stoked to soon have a little writing hut like Rick Bass or Jude Isabella or other writers I know.

Since that post, we changed the location of the shed. And then we tossed the idea of a separate writing shed altogether.

The photo above is of the garden shed from the front. The photo below is a side view.

Instead of building an entirely new shed, we’ve reorganized the inside of the garden shed and will add two bigger windows, and that will be my writing shed as well.

While it’s a bit disappointing not to have a dedicated writing only shed, I think this is a good solution budget-wise and gives the shed some purpose other than just storing all my gardening stuff. Plus it’s a nice view out the front window into the veggie garden. Once the window is bigger, that is…

So now we just have to find two bigger windows and a stool (the countertop I’ll be writing on is perfect for a tall stool). And then I’ll be ready to go. I can even sit on the front porch if I like – we have a couple of chairs set up that I never use because I’m always working in the garden, not taking the time to look at how well it’s doing. Maybe I should sit there and catch whatever it is that ate all my squash seedlings! (I suspect it was a rabbit)

So my next writing shed update will be after we’ve installed the bigger windows so it’s not so dark and cave-like inside and I can write by natural light and not need a light bulb.

Maybe with the money we saved we’ll build a greenhouse – now that would be awesome!

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5 thoughts on “Writing Shed Update”

  1. OK. jealous. I love the covered deck area and being able to sit outside under cover if necessary. With bigger windows, the inside could be quite hospitable. Adding to the list of renos, a glass door to the shed (if you don’t have security issues in the ‘hood) could increase light inside, as would replacing the solid roofing over the deck/verandah, if that’s do-able? ….as you can tell, I’ve ‘moved in’ already!

  2. There’s only room for one of us! Lol! I’ll pass on the glass door not just because of security but for robustness. I know I’ll grab a shovel one day and accidentally hit the glass on the door and that will be it. I think the bigger windows will do the trick for light, but we can always insert a few clear panels on the patio roof to let more light in. I’m looking forward to it (now if only we could find some secondhand windows the right size…)

  3. I love this idea! you will love your view of your garden and all the activities going on there with birds and bugs! Plus, you will be able to edit any ideas you have from your experiences in this shed for any future endeavors for a retreat shed. You will be able to inside or outside with that lovely porch!


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