Saturday Shot: 17 Nov

This week’s photo shoot is – you guessed it – from my yard again. This time of year we have a lot of magnificent fungi making an appearance, especially in our yard where the previous owners bulldozed over wood etc. which makes for a good growing medium for mushrooms.
I don’t know my mushroom varieties, but the chocolatey ones grow in our upper field – likely feasting on buried wood, while the smaller orangey ones grow on the bedrock outcrop in our upper field. Now that we don’t let the dogs run all over it, the ecosystem has really grown back nicely complete with mushrooms, moss, lichens, tiny roses, etc.
The last photo is from our newest garden – the perennial grass garden. We just put it in this summer and the birds are loving it this fall. Lots of seeds for them to eat. The light was perfect on them when I stepped outside.
This week I also took a lot of photos of our garden revamp. We dug up almost every plant in the perennial garden and moved it before replanting. That’s what happens when you get 95% of your plants donated from your mother-in-law, and you have no idea how they’re going to grow or look next to each other. The garden looked good before, but after this revamp I can’t wait until spring because I think it’s going to look even better.
Have a good weekend – see you on Monday for our weekly quote!

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