The Joys of Volunteering

Last week I had a guest post up on the Canadian Science Publishing blog about volunteering for your scientific society. Based on my own experience and previous discussions with others, I laid out some ideas on why and how to get involved with your scientific society, and how to make the most of it.
It’s fitting that this post would go up at the same time that my volunteer contributions to my current ‘scientific society,’ Science Borealis, have undergone a change. I started off as a founding member back in late 2012, then served as the Editorial Manager from 2013-2015. Kim Moynahan stepped in as interim Editorial Manager until we brought on a new Editorial Manager, Mika McKinnon, this spring. I stepped back to work with the Core Team – making sure the day-to-day of the Science Borealis operation was running smoothly.
Now I’m taking on a new role at Science Borealis. A member of our Board of Directors, Chris Buddle, has had to step down as he’s taking on new responsibilities at his job. I’m taking his place as Interim Director, until we bring on new directors at our February 2017 AGM.
It’s an interesting step to move from day-to-day operations to the bigger picture of the organization, but I think it’s something I’m more suited to. I like big picture stuff. Sometimes the details bore me (though for some reason I have no problem with the details of copy editing. Go figure.)
I’m looking forward to this interim role, and hope to continue contributing to Science Borealis along with my fellow Directors, John Dupuis and Hannah Hoag.

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